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About Us

We are a small, high quality consulting company delivering cost effective, high quality organisational culture, leadership, wellbeing and related  professional development services.


Our principal, Sue Sampson, and our associates each have a minimum of 20 years of experience in this field and are highly skilled at creating engaging and optimal collaborative and learning experiences for participants. We have each held senior leadership roles and we will bring empathy, understanding and a pragmatic approach to your organisational or professional development needs.

Transform Consulting offers specialist capability in the following areas:

Culture and Collaboration

  • Culture development:  we are skilled are working with organisations wishing to create positives changes in their culture and will work with you to develop carefully nuanced interventions to help leaders work with their larger teams to understand and shift mindsets and create invite, enable and embed new behaviours.


  • Helping teams to create meaningful and sustained change, appropriately managing the balance between offering challenge and providing support and psychological safety, to ensure teams remain functional and engaged during the change process.

  • Facilitation in complex contexts: we support executive and operational teams to collaborate effectively towards shared outcomes.

Support for Wellbeing

  • As challenges increase in both work and homelives, as busyness becomes a badge of honour and demands increase, we can no longer take our wellbeing for granted.  And for organisations, supporting wellbeing is just about doing the right thing by our people.  

    • Employee wellbeing is a key driver of productivity and effectiveness.   

  • We support wellbeing through three main pillars:

    • Individual wellbeing: assisting individuals build skills, tools and practices to thrive and flourish in today's world

    • Supporting leaders to enable wellbeing for their teams through functional relationships, clear expectation, valuing of strengths, inclusion of the whole self and workload management.

    • Organisational interventions to elicit factors impacting negatively on wellbeing and develop nuanced interventions to create positive change.

Development in Leadership, Interpersonal, Change, and Communication Skills

  • Leadership: We have designed and facilitated many successful programs across a wide variety of industries These include programs for  clinician leaders in the health industry, for women stepping into senior roles, for operational managers in the university sector, for managers in local government, for leaders in not-for-profits and in many other settings. 

  • Communication and interpersonal skills: We help participants dramatically improve communication capability, building skills at multiple levels and enabling effective relationships and powerful influencing. Participants learn how to carefully consider their audience, both by doing their homework ahead of time and by being attuned to others in the moment.

  • Change skills:  We help leaders with the essential tools needed to navigate change successfully by using a strengths-based approach, understanding how organisational systems work, and focusing strongly on the people aspects of change.

Executive Coaching

  • Executive coaching:  our coaching client list includes from medical leaders, senior academics, leaders in the public sector and in local government, allied health and nursing leaders and across professions such as health, accounting, engineering and law.  Our clients are usually in demanding  operational or strategic leadership roles. 

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