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Sue Sampson attending a conference as a guest speaker, image for Executive-level Facilitator/Speaker

Executive-level Facilitator and Guest Speaker 

Expert facilitator able to  engage key stakeholders,  surfacing diverse perspectives productively way and developing a way forward. 

Sue teaching a course. image for leadership development and executive coach

Leadership Development
and Executive Coach

Combining the best leadership evidence with innovative learning  to ensure great participant engagement and deployment to the workplace.

Sue facilitating with participants, image for wellbeing for individuals, team, and orgs

Wellbeing for individuals, teams and organisations

We believe that by putting wellbeing at the centre, not only are individuals supported to thrive and flourish, but so so too are organisations and communities.

What We Do

Transform Consulting offers specialist skills in  leadership development,  wellbeing, 

team and organisational effectiveness, change management and

positive, proactive organisational culture, with a clear focus on outcomes.  

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Brainstorming group, image for strategy and change working with senior leaders

Strategy and Change working with senior leaders

Working with senior leaders  to create strategy and transformation, with energy and alignment.

Example Activity, image for team development and functional relationships

Team Development and functional relationships

Improving focus, culture and collaboration for effective 

teams and functional relationships

Business Meeting, image for operational management capability

Operational management capability

Taking on in-house senior executive roles hones skills for consulting work and ensures a real world approach

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