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Strategy and Change

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Engaging senior leaders in strategy and change is vital for success to create  alignment and energy for transformation. Sue's data-based and practical approach combined with an  empathic and learning-orientated style means that she is able to help leaders bring the best out of their teams and organisations, and create a shared direction and implementation plan. 

powerful facilitator and change agent, Sue utilises a range of experiential and collaborative processes to ensure stakeholders are engaged and have high ownership of improvement initiatives. 

She understands what it takes to design and implement successful organisational change including  scoping the environment, accessing relevant metrics, identifying key issues and challenges, engaging key stakeholders to co-create a way forward, and articulating and confirming the new strategy and operating model.

Considering the rational aspects of the change - strategy, systems and structure - is important.  However, the non-rational aspects - people's identities, connection and meaning - are just as crucial.  


Successful outcomes will require  a shift in culture and a shared mindset about what is needed for the  future and attention to embedding key changes and monitoring on-going outcomesideally with a focus on both lead and lag indicators. 

Recent projects include  support to the Chief Allied Health Office to develop a Queensland Allied Health 10-year strategy, the development of  Queensland Treasury’s Workforce Strategy with  high ownership and commitment from senior managers and employees, as well as a range of other projects including:

  • Helping executive teams develop a whole-of service view, and step outside of their portfolio perspectives. 

  • Developing forums for  and a capability for strategic-level discussion about strategy direction and key issues

  • Change management support to leaders to integrate smaller organisations to one larger, more complex organisation.

  • Helping leadership teams develop a  clearer purpose; focus on core business, and maintain a strategic approach within the constraints and demands of the external environment.

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