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Supporting functional relationships

Sue Sampson mid-way through teaching a session

 Sue provides discrete support to teams and individuals to assist with conflict resolution and improve functionality of key professional relationships.


 The aim of this work is to assist the individuals involved clarify and understand the issues and barriers within their working relationships and provide support to help them get ready to have a facilitated conversation with the other parties.


Once this important first step is undertaken, Sue moves to the next phase where she assists the parties to have a productive conversation about their concerns, discuss important issues for the future and begin to make agreements about how the work relationship might be improved.  


Sue has a gentle style that ensures that both parties feel supported and safe during this process.  However, through a robust process and clear focus on developing future solutions, Sue also ensures that the process moves forward and that the people involved are able to develop a clear agreement about new behaviours.


During these projects, Sue is very conscious of the high emotions often involved and offers practical and effective assistance to clients to help them understand and regulate the emotions at play (for both themselves and others).  


Once new agreements are made, Sue provides advice and strategies to ensure that the parties are supported to maintain these agreements. 

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