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Improving Effectiveness, Culture, and Relationships within Operational Teams

Sue Sampson midway through teaching a course

Functional teams working effectively together to create great outcomes: a key aspiration for big and small organisations alike.  Key factors to create great teams are a clear direction, a shared mindset about purpose, a strong structure, a supportive context and respectful relationships in which members' diversity and contribution is valued. 

Bringing these factors to fruition can be easier said than done, and external professional support for key team conversations can assist greatly.  Sue offers a combination of  expertise in leadership and team functioning combined with skilful facilitation to work with teams, helping them to build shared understanding and mindset, greater appreciation for each other (as humans as well as employees), better relationships, enhanced team engagement and, yes, even joy! 

Workshops with Sue conclude with a clear agreement for the future (in whatever form fits), so that should the positive energy and goodwill from the workshop dim a little under the pressures of everyday work demands, there is an accountability tool for the team to draw upon. 

Occasionally, relationships within teams break down to an extent where more robust intervention is required.  Sue will accepted limited assignments to support two or more individuals prepare for and undertake supported conversations to resolve issues and develop agreement for the future.


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