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Making a difference

Helping individuals, teams and organisations to thrive

We support individuals teams and organisations to thrive through:

  • Leadership and wellbeing programs that translate the latest research into powerful learning, supporting individuals to build skills and capability and make choices aligned with their values and goals.

  • Team and culture interventions that enable teams to better appreciate each other,  and co-create shared mindsets and agreements about their future work together.

  • Executive coaching that provides a safe space and a balance of provocation, support and accountability to helps clients develop new insights, access greater flexibility and make more effective choices.

Below is some client feedback and evaluation data.

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Making a difference: coaching feedback

"Just wanted to say what a difference my coaching sessions with you have made to me.  I had a pretty tough context, and a major change program to lead. Being able to stop and reflect with you helped me reset and strategise anew, and helped ensure mindful choices. Thank-you for your support and guidance.  I will always value it."

"I have improved my skills in decision making, assertiveness and engaging others which has allowed me to become more confident in my leadership abilities. Though it was not one of my original objectives, completing this program has also enhanced my communications skills and ability to tailor my communication style to be most effective for the intended audience. "

"I feel much more able to seek advice and support as I go forward as a leader- and to seek the opinions of others who can provide safe non-judgmental space to explore issues. I feel both aware of how I need to develop but also reassured that the situations I am facing are complex and would test anyone’s leadership capacity. I don’t have to be a “perfect” leader- just a growing one."

Making a difference in leadership roles

As Chief HR Officer for Queensland Treasury, Sue led workforce initiatives to maintain employee wellbeing, connectedness and productivity during Covid 19 challenges.   A managers’ survey in May 2020 (134 responses,  76% response rate) found that: 86% of managers were feeling very confident or fairly confident in supporting team members who are struggling, and 49% of senior leaders were providing increased guidance about priorities in the remote working environment.

Making a difference: coaching learnings

"I don’t need to drive change all by myself, I can collaborate and give ownership to others. People are more engaged if they have some responsibility for the outcome, value it and understand it. Change is more likely if there is a safe climate, openness, individualised consideration and intellectual stimulation. Give people choices, ask early, have the difficult conversations before it becomes a crisis. I need to inspire others through the current adverse climate and harness opportunities, rather than having the circumstances dictating to me. I am now more visible, and more available to other people." 

"Reflecting on changes in my leadership behavior, I am a more decisive leader. I have gained confidence in my own ability to deal with the pressures in our organizational structure to deal with the financial constraints within Division, Hospital and our HHS. I have reflected on my workload and have set some key time management strategies to enable me to keep the work life balance. I have also developed extra team portfolios, giving more staff an opportunity to develop within their position and creating a team succession plan."

"One of my most significant new leadership behaviours is that I’m Holding team members to account by clearly communicating expectations whilst recognising individual strengths – everyone has a personal story, we only see a small part of the whole person at work."

Making a difference: Program Evaluation

Evaluation of the Medical Leadership in in Action Program (cohorts 4 and 5)  found  significantly increased levels of levels of job satisfaction, job enthusiasm and volunteering to work on corporate-level improvement initiatives and on levels of positive leadership behaviours – such as giving feedback and involving team members in appropriate decision-making.

This behaviour-level evaluation complemented post workshop data that showed very high levels of participant satisfaction (over 85%) with the program.

Making a difference: Program Feedback  

"Thank you so much for everything you have done with the program.  The feedback I have received from participants is that the workshops and coaching session have been great.  I'll send through the feedback from the final session once received.  I have very much enjoyed working with you.  It has been so beneficial for me to see your style firsthand - no powerpoint is so refreshing!  You have made such a difference to the whole program."

Allied Health Leaders Program, Metro South.

"Just wanted to say thank you for your valuable input and insights during the Developing Leaders Program.  I valued your experience, clinical examples, passion and organisation of the workshops.  It was also great to be directed to further resources to consolidate information and expand on subjects touched on during the workshops."

Developing Leaders Program: participant feedback.

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