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Strategy and Change - project samples

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Some recent projects working with senior leaders to redesign organisational strategy and create needed change are below:

  • Advice, workshop facilitation and strategy development for the creation of a Queensland Allied Health 10-year strategy. This work involved using an organisational and outcomes performance review over a 10 year period to prompt discussion with key stakeholders to develop key performance targets for 2028, as well as short and medium term strategies for the next 10 years. Since the development of the strategy, Sue has supported state-wide implementation planning  with senior allied health leaders across all 16 hospital and health services.

  • Development of Treasury’s Workforce Strategy, drawing on robust engagement with senior leadership and employees, as well as contemporary research, strategy documents from the broader system, and findings from the 2020 Working for Queensland (WfQ) survey results as well as trends over past years. The Strategy outlines eight focus areas and has high ownership and commitment from senior managers as well as good acceptance by staff.

  • Work with a Hospital and Health Service Executive team to improve its collaborative capability and assist the executive team shift towards a way of working where members take a whole-of service view, and step outside of their portfolio perspectives.  Key aspects of this included developing a forum and a capability for strategic-level discussion about HHS-level direction and key issues as well as identifying key collaborative linkages across the executive team and setting a shared focus area for those linked executives.

  • Work with the Child and Youth Mental Health Service (CYMHS) senior management team to improve direction, purpose and effectiveness. CYMHS was part way along the path of progressing from multiple smaller organisations to one larger, more complex organisation (as part of the Qld Children’s Hospital restructure).  The project was undertaken in two main stages: initially focussing on the executive group and then following with work involving the broader management team. Outcomes included a clearer purpose; a focus on the important core business, better ability to maintain a strategic approach within the constraints and demands of the external environment, and Increased devolution of responsibility.

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