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Expert Facilitator and Guest Speaker 

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Skilled executive-level facilitator

Bringing people with  diverse perspectives, differing agendas and varying mindsets together to work synergistically towards a shared outcome can be easier said than done.  


An experienced and nuanced facilitator, Sue has an excellent ability to  surface key issues and facilitate useful discussion about those issues, to work through areas where there are diverse perspectives in a productive way and to develop strategies and solutions that best fit the needs of the situation. Her strength has often been in tricky projects: working in situations where there are multiple views about preferred outcomes and where careful facilitated discussion is required to tease out the issues and identify a way forward. 

Working with teams, she  is skilled in assisting both in situations where there are complex emotions or an identified deficit as well as in situations where teams are already functional but would like to enhance their outcomes.​​ She use a range of tools - both high and low tech -  to support productive discussions.

Engaging speaker

An engaging speaker, Sue is extremely relatable. Her topics of expertise include organisational change,  influence and leadership, and individual wellbeing and resilience.  A sample of recent speaking engagements include  the National Allied Health Conference (2019), the State-wide Dietetic Leaders Conference (2019), the HR and Future of Work Community Series Event (2020) and the Public Sector Network Strategic Workplace Wellness event (2021).

Sue Sampson midway through a session
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