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Capabilities and Approaches for Achieving Effective Workplace Change




Up to 1 month, comprising of 2 days of online or in-person workshop learning.

About the Course

We are on a mission to do two things: (1) help organisations to achieve successful change and (2) ensure that people’s experience of workplace change is the best it can be. These are easy to say, and much harder to achieve in practice. This course provides leaders with the essential tools needed to navigate change successfully by using a strengths-based approach, understanding how organisational systems work, and focusing strongly on the people aspects of change.

This program suits leaders at any level who needs to implement change and wants it to be a success. The program will work best for participants who can bring either their previous experiences of change or a future planned change so that they have a practical example or examples they can work with.

This course is contextualizable to your specific organisational environment and needs.

It can also be customised to be delivered through different delivery structures.

Course Delivery Options

Course is offered in both Online and Face-to-Face modes.

Key Course Content

Workshop 1 

  • Foundation models of organisational change – how change works; how people experience change

  • A strengths, systems, and people-focused approach to organisational change – the formula for change success

  • Change logistics – keeping your change program on track, measuring the progress and success of your change

  • Your role in change – how you influence change success

Workshop 2

  • The people side of change – engaging people for change success

  • Working with the Three Rs – Readiness, Resistance and Resilience

  • Common obstacles and challenges in achieving successful change and how to overcome these

  • Your action plan for successful change

Beautiful Landscape

Key Learning Process

Two consecutive days, or the two program days separated by a 2-4 week gap between the first and second days to allow action-learning and reflection between the program days and/or to cater for client availability, as per client preference.

Pre-Workshop Engagement

  • Identifying current or future planned workplace changes to bring to the program

  • Stimulus activities – a reading or video

Workshop 1 (One day of face-to-face or Zoom interaction)

  • Action learning tasks can be built in between first and second program days as per client preference

Workshop 2 (One day of face-to-face or Zoom interaction)

  • Participant satisfaction survey and in-brief assessment of participant’s learning outcomes

Post workshop engagement

  • Follow-up check-in and questionnaire – to evaluate and support embedding of learning and desired behaviour change/skill development.

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