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Women – Stepping into Principalship




6 months, including 5 days of online or in-person workshop learning, and 2 virtual webinars.

About the Course

This program is designed to assist high calibre women to take the next step in their career and build confidence to lead. This experiential learning program will help participants overcome gender barriers and develop a new mindset about how to practice leadership in complex changing environment. Participants will gain practical tools and frameworks that will help them lead and influence with or without authority. 

Tailored to the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers. 

This course is contextualizable to your specific organisational environment and needs.

It can also be customised to be delivered through different delivery structures.

Course Delivery Options

Course is offered in both Online and Blended modes.

Key Course Content

Workshop 1 (Day 1)

Theme: Leadership in Context of Education QLD

  • Exploring the context in which the participants lead. Surfacing the assumptions and roadblocks that are barriers to their leadership. Applying a gendered lens to the barriers.

  • Utilising the Leadership Competencies for QLD

Theme: Women Leading in Adaptive Environments

  • The Practice of Leadership: An overview of the Adaptive Leadership model. A practical leadership framework that helps individuals and organisations adapt and thrive in challenging environments

Theme: Lead with and without authority, across boundaries

  • Understand the difference between adaptive and technical challenges

  • Using authority and power, mobilising responsibility across boundaries, building trust, orchestrating conflict to create change, regulating disequilibrium, and building a culture of adaptability for the long-term

Workshop 1 (Day 2)

Theme: Developing Personal Leadership Capabilities

  • Self as Leader

  • Leadership Identity and gender

  • Perceptual filters and mental models

  • Values

Theme: Understanding Self and Others

  • Exploring self-assessment data to understand why we think and feel differently from others and how to harness this insight to lead effectively

Theme: Peer coaching and Mentoring

  • Coaching skills for leaders

  • Coaching methods and approaches

  • Peer coaching: establishing a coaching relationship within the cohort

Workshop 1 (Day 3)

Theme: Career Planning and Development

  • Goal Setting

  • Personal SOAR analysis – Strengths, Opportunities Aspirations, Results

  • Finding and cultivating champions

  • Moving from goals to reality

  • Personal career plan

Theme: Navigating Power Dynamics

  • Men and women roles in building a diverse and inclusive community.

  • Networking

Theme: The Business of Promotion

  • Building a strong career narrative

  • Promotion myth busting

  • Unpacking the key criteria for the role of Principal

  • Exploring the Strategic and operational plan and their relevance to

  • Interview skills development

  • Panel discussion

Webinar 1

Theme: Building High Performance Teams

  • Harnessing the power of team; team dynamics; stages of team development and dysfunctions of teams

  • Tuckman Team Development Model: Forming, Storming, Norming, Performing

  • Managing conflict

Webinar 2

Theme: Communication and Personal Presence

  • Practical techniques for influencing others

  • Developing appropriate strategies for influencing & negotiation in the workplace

Workshop 2

Theme: Promoting Inclusion and Diversity

  • Strategies for Promoting Diversity in Workplaces

  • What is diversity?

  • Navigating cultural norms (cultural web)

  • Awareness of our conscious and unconscious bias and the impact on decision making

Theme: Innovation and design thinking.

  • Understanding the design and innovations process

  • Theme : Business and strategic acumen for school leadership

  • Exploring the strategic issues for your school

  • Conceptualising a school strategy: How to meet goals and challenges

Theme: Community engagement

  • Stakeholder analysis

  • Partnering

  • Communication

Theme: Workplace Intervention Reflection presentations

  • Each participant will present their reflection on their workplace intervention

Beautiful Landscape

Key Learning Process

Five days of workshop learning plus two 90 minute webinars over six months

  • Pre-workshop engagement: Stimulus activities, early thinking about objective setting, experiential task to observe patterns.

  • Pre-workshop assessment: VIA strengths,

Workshop 1 (Three days of face-to-face or online workshops)

  • Workplace intervention project

  • Peer coaching in between workshops. A workshop spacing of approx. 6 to 8 weeks is ideal to enable sufficient time for action learning and reflection tasks

  • Participants participate in 360-degree feedback process (various tools available or through conversation).

Webinar 1 & 2 (90 min Zoom sessions)

Workshop 2 (Two days of face-to-face or online workshops)

  • Participant satisfaction survey and in-brief assessment of participant’s learning outcomes

Post Workshop Engagement

  • Follow-up questionnaire – to evaluate and support embedding of learning and desired behaviour change/skill development.

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